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Code BGP Platform Documentation


The documentation is following the UI structure of the Code BGP platform (see publicdemo here). Check out the sidebar for more information. You can start here. The Code BGP Platform offers:

For any question on the documentation please contact the Code BGP team at [email protected]. Also check out our official website here.

What is the Code BGP Platform

The Code BGP Platform is a SaaS platform that offers global routing security and observability in seconds. By aggregating routing data from 100s of sources in a single spot, it enables network teams to troubleshoot incidents much faster than today's state of the art, in real-time.

Code BGP Platform has the following features:

  • SaaS: Use it in seconds, without any overheads.
  • Aggregation: Aggregate data from 100s of BGP routers and RPKI in a single spot.
  • Real-time telemetry: Use real-time telemetry and stream analytics.
  • GraphQL: Get a query language for your API.

For more details please check this section.

By collecting the state of prefixes, routes, peerings and ROAs in real-time, processing and exposing it over a UI and GraphQL API, Code BGP Platform provides concrete business value enabling:

  1. Alerting and Security: Faster mitigation of routing security breaches
  2. Troubleshooting: Faster resolution of routing outages
  3. Verification: Verification of routing changes from thousands of vantage points

In essence, Code BGP Platform eliminates several hours of repetitive manual work that is needed to track the state of your Internet addresses and routes from many sources and provides a unified real-time looking glass to this state. Thus, it dramatically lowers the cost for observing and managing your network, which is a critical resource.

For a deeper dive on Code BGP Platform's software stack and architecture please check this section.


Network teams today are effectively blind to what is happening with their Internet addresses and routes. In practice, only the tip of the iceberg gets known. However, routing events can critically affect the reliability, security, and performance of not only your own network services, but also cloud services you may critically depend on. Therefore, rapid action is critical when dealing with BGP outages and security issues. The following objectives needs to be met as soon as possible:

  • Detect events in seconds
  • Track the current state of the network
  • Analyze on-going events
  • Automation: enable immediate programmatic access to BGP data (e.g., via streaming APIs)


GraphQL Alerting

  • Be alerted on time for important routing events, with your own GraphQL queries.
  • Auto-resolve alerts.
  • Easily manage your alerts and receive notifications with Prometheus Alertmanager.

Leverage Routing Telemetry

  • Get hundreds of real-time series of routing metrics.
  • Easily integrate your Grafana with our Prometheus REST API.

Access 1600 real-time BGP Monitors worldwide

  • Be notified in time by 192 Code BGP monitors in 62 cities, 1448 RIPE RIS live monitors in key IXPs & ISPs.
  • Learn routing changes in seconds.
  • Get started instantly without any setup.

See routes from your routers to critical networks

  • See routes to critical external services or cloud providers.
  • Understand routing between offices and data centers.
  • Minimal configuration with BGP multihop or BMP session.

Track RPKI certificates and validate BGP updates

  • Track the state of your ROA certificates in real-time and detect anomalies.
  • Validate BGP updates from our monitors and your routers and detect invalid ones.

Leverage GraphQL: A query language for our API

  • Ask exactly what you need and nothing more.
  • Query, subscribe, or mutate Code BGP Platform data.
  • Drive network automation with a modern API.

Live data UI/UX

  • Easily setup data services AS/prefix filters. Auto-discover prefixes from ASes.
  • View or search prefixes, AS numbers, peerings, routes, and ROAs, and where they are visible.
  • Answer common questions with pre-build queries, GraphQL API editor.
  • Overview dashboard with key metrics.
  • Easily setup integrations with Alertmanager, Grafana, Prometheus and Loki.

Software Architecture

How it works

  • We collect/ingest BGP data (state) from real-time (streaming) data sources.
    • From: Code BGP monitors, RIS Live, BGP/BMP sessions (your own routers), RPKI.
    • Via: BGP, BMP, websockets, REST, GraphQL, etc.
  • We process and store this state in real-time using a distributed event-driven mservice architecture.

  • We expose this state to the user (and other frameworks) in real-time via a looking glass (UI/API).

Deployment over the Cloud

Code BGP Platform is currently deployed over K8s over GCP, as a collection of namespaced interconnected microservices. A high-level overview is provided below.


Code BGP Platform is based on microservices. We employ the following technologies in the different parts of our architecture (backend, frontend, DevOps).