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AS Filters

Quick summary

Set the AS(es) [Autonomous System(s)] you want to monitor. Click on Add AS Filter to add a new AS Filter. You can switch off the Displayed toggle next to each AS if you want to stop viewing data from it. However, the AS will keep being monitored. To remove an AS you do not want to monitor anymore, select it and click Delete.

AS filters accept route announcements when a given AS appears as origin or anywhere in the AS path. Filtering on origin (default option) or anywhere in the AS path can be configured in Setup > Data Services, by selecting AS Path options "Origin" or "Any" respectively.


The Code BGP Platform ingests data from multiple data services around the world. The data ingested by the system needs to be filtered according to the network resources you wish to monitor. In this page you can add/delete AS filters for this purpose, as well as choose if the related data will be displayed or not. Note that for the AS filter case, if the corresponding data services are configured to filter on Origin, then BGP updates related to paths with the AS filter as origin will come in. If they are configured to filter on Any, then BGP updates related to paths containing the AS filter (as origin or in any location in the path) will come in. Note that this filter acts with an "OR" logic with the Prefix filters. Moreover, since BGP withdrawals do not carry any AS path information, we match prefixes learned over filtered BGP announcements with corresponding withdrawals to allow them to be ingested by the system. Finally, note that these filters also affect what is shown in the Overview and Looking Glass tabs; if sth is not relevant to a certain AS filter (and with similar logic, to a Prefix filter), it is not exposed to the user. Setup AS filters can be filtered based on Number and Displayed state. The corresponding columns can be hidden or shown. The (filtered) table can be exported in CSV format.


Add a new AS filter

Delete an existing AS filter