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Data Services

Quick summary

Enable/disable data services and select their AS path filtering option ("Origin" or "Any"). AS path filters accept route announcements when a given AS (previously set in "AS Filters") appears as origin or anywhere in the AS path. You can switch off the Displayed toggle next to each data service if you want to stop viewing data from it. However, the Data Service will keep collecting data.

Data services can be your own Routers (via a BGP or BMP session) or external (e.g., Code BGP Monitor, RIS Live websocket) and filter incoming data related to the AS and prefix filters you have setup. Each table row represents a data service. Click on each row to reveal the source(s) contributing data for each service.


The Code BGP Platform ingests data from multiple data services around the world. Currently we support the following data services:

  • My Routers: these are direct BGP or BMP sessions with your routers, on-demand. Data is received in s streaming fashion in real-time.
  • Code BGP Monitor: these are direct full-feed BGP sessions with several providers around the world, using Code BGP's infrastructure. We employ 186 Code BGP monitors in 62 cities. Data is received in s streaming fashion in real-time.
  • RIS Live: these are real-time JSON BGP messages provided via a fully filterable interactive WebSocket JSON API, and a full stream ("firehose") containing all of the messages generated by RIS (see list of Route Collectors and list of Peers). Note that RIS live feeds stem from 1448 RIPE RIS live monitors in key IXPs & ISPs (mostly partial BGP feeds). Data is received in s streaming fashion in real-time.
  • RPKI: these are periodically (every 60 seconds) collected RPKI ROAs from the 5 global registries.

Each data service can be enabled or disable, w.r.t. whether it should provide ingestable data to the system. Moreover, the user can choose to display the relevant data or not. Finally, the behavior regarding the AS filtering logic (see AS filters) can be configured.

Note that each data service row is expandable; each data service is associated with several data sources that contribute data. For example, a data source for the data service My Routers is the actual router interface over which the Code BGP platform peers with the router for monitoring purposes. W.r.t. My Routers and Code BGP Monitor services, sources are the peering interfaces of the monitors, accompanied by the following information: IP, ASN, and optional geolocation information (City, Country, Continent). W.r.t. RIS Live we show the peering interfaces similar to My Routers and Code BGP Monitor with the addition of the route collectors where the peering interface is connected to. Finally w.r.t. RPKI we show the unique RPKI ROA URIs and endpoints we collected the data from. The internal data source table is filterable on demand.


Data services in action

Expanded Code BGP Monitor service